Connect with Glowing Years

Connect with Glowing Years

Hi there, I am Patrick!
Co-ordinator for Glowing Years Ministry

Glowing Years Ministry (GYM) is our Senior Ministry, which aims to promote healthy ageing in the spiritual, physical, emotional & social well-being for seniors.

Over the years, we have planned bonding activities to keep our seniors engaged and active. We welcome anyone 50 years & above!

“Why it’s important for seniors to stay active?”
Our HAPPY FRIDAY Programme has many activities to prevent deterioration of our mental and physical health. You will not feel lonely as we come together as a community to socialize and encourage each other.

Our senior members have benefited much from the HAPPY FRIDAY since March 2019.
Besides the Healthy Ageing Promotion Program for You exercise, we have Cooking Demo, Board Games, Arts & Craft, and local day tours. These activities will help to improve your mental well being, memory, functional ability and strength.

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