Cell Ministry

Cell Ministry



Cell meetings consist of:

  • Welcome
  • Worship
  • Word
  • Works

CELL LEADERSHIP                                                       

The primary role of Cell Leaders (CLs)/Assistant Cell Leaders (AGLs) is to be the shepherd of their Cell. They are to provide pastoral care and guidance for their Cell Members to be committed disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A shepherd’s role as indicated in Ezekiel 34:1-16 states that God desires shepherds to feed the flock, lead them to rest, seek the lost, bring back the scattered, bind up the broken and strengthen the sick.



The purpose of LHMC Cell is to help members reach their God-given potential by developing them into faithful disciples of Christ, transforming the lives of people they encounter and glorifying God in everything they do.


  • Ideal size of Cells: 12 members
  • Ideal minimum frequency: 3 times a month over 10 months of each calendar year
  • Practice the 4 Ws to establish strong relationships and enable members to fulfill the Cell Vision: Welcome, Worship, Word and Works
  • Agenda (the 3 Es): Evangelism, Encouragement and the Exercise of members’ spiritual gifts



  • Cells grow as vibrant communities where each Cell Member grows in spiritual maturity and in authentic relationship with each other and with people beyond their Cell.
  • Cells grow in number with the objective of eventually multiplying into new Cells, and into new Zones of Cells. New Cell Leaders and Zone Leaders are developed to lead the new Cells and Zones.

Four environments have been created to facilitate growth of Cells (the 4 Gs):

  • Gather: bring people into the Cell community
  • Ground: lay a sound biblical foundation
  • Grow: develop ministry and leadership skills
  • Go-forth: serve, reach out and multiply

The 4 Gs may take place at the same time, with different emphases at different phases of a Cell’s life