Discipleship & Nurture

Discipleship & Nurture


To establish relevant and faith stretching training for our community.

To provide continual education and focuses on increasing Biblical Literacy so that we can live as true Disciples of Christ.


Growing in Christ Series (6 sessions)
– Making Disciples
– Being a Disciple
– Privilege of Quiet Time
– Anchoring In God’s Word
– Understanding the Heart of Prayer
– Intimacy in Worship

1. Old Testament Survey (17 sessions)
2. New Testament Survey (17 sessions)
3. Gospel of Luke (13 sessions)

Message of Christ Series (7 sessions)
– 3 Person God
– Made in God’s Image
– Sin
– Grace
– Redemption
– Justification

1. Deuteronomy (6 sessions)
2. Romans (13 sessions)
3. Galatians (6 sessions)
4. 1 & 2 Corinthians (12 sessions)
5. Genesis (8 sessions)

Being Like Christ Series (6 sessions)
– Filled with the Holy Spirit
– Fruit of the Holy Spirit
– Trust
– Love
– Justice
– Witness

1. Isaiah (13 sessions)
2. Hebrews (13 sessions)
3. James (5 sessions)
4. Colossians (8 sessions)
5. 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles (13 sessions)

Serving Christ Series (6 sessions)
– The Church
– The Ministry Gifts
– Spiritual Warfare
– Walking in Obedience
– Sharing the Wealth
– Money

1. Nehemiah (5 sessions)
2. Ephesians (7 sessions)
3. Acts (13 sessions)
4. Gospel of John (13 sessions)
5. Exodus (10 sessions)

1. The Character of a Leader (3 sessions)
2. The Posture of a Leader (3 sessions)
 3. The Vision of a Leader (3 sessions)
4. The Shaping of a Leader (3 sessions)

1. 1 & 2 Kings (13 sessions)
2. 1 & 2 Timothy (10 sessions)
3. Proverbs (13 sessions)
4. 1 & 2 Peter (11 sessions)

Discipleship is important yet few believers are discipled. Many of us grow up spiritually by self-study or watching how another believer grow, rather than being discipled. Often we leave new believers to grow by themselves, even though Christ commanded us in Matt 28 to make disciples, teaching them to obey all His commandments. Discipling is not just teaching lessons, but building relationships that help believers obey Christ in love.

Everyone can be a discipler, for unlike the spiritual gift of teaching, discipling is for every believer. We are commanded to make disciples of all nations. You can disciple another believer when you have been discipled. The goal is not uniformity because each one is unique and different; but conformity to the likeness of Christ.

Class Info

Classes are scheduled into 2 terms each year:
Term 1 – January to May
Term 2 – July to November 

2023 Term 1 Class: Eucharist & Apostles Creed

The Eucharist or Holy Communion and the Apostles Creed is more than a ritual, it has strong significance and relevance to the us in the 21st century.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is integral to Christian spirituality and central to Methodist worship. Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted the ‘Gospel Feast’ to help us remember His sacrificial love for us and for us to receive His healing grace and strength in our journey of life. A Wesleyan understanding of the purpose of the “bread and wine” will enable us to have a more meaningful worship experience as a faith community.

The Apostles Creed defines what we believe, not just as a singular denomination but as the Church, the Body of Christ. Ps Joel will break down why each line, in the Creed matters and teach regarding, the theological standpoints found within the Creed and also highlight why a cult would not ascribe to varying aspects of the Creed.

Come and learn together, as Ps Joel and Ps Gabriel teach and share with us in a two part series.
Class Duration: 
21 May 2023: Eucharist – Ps Gabriel
28 May 2023 : Apostles Creed – Ps Joel

Time: Sunday 11:30am – 1:00pm

Venue: Level 3 Chapel

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For more information, please email us at discipleshipnurture@lhmc.org.sg